Mechanical And Bespoke Engineering

Since our establishment in 2008 Atkinson Systems have been using our technical expertise to find solutions to engineering problems brought to us by our customers.


This has resulted in a number of bespoke systems which are proving to be highly successfull. Our expertise enables us to understand our client’s needs and to develop practical solutions to fulfil their requirements.


Atkinson Systems have been commissioned to build a wide range of bespoke equipment. These have ranged from modifications to existing machines through to complete new builds capable of undertaking a wide range of tasks.

Atkinson Systems' expertise covers a board spectrum of mechanical systems from power transmissions to installed processing equipment.

Our thorough understanding of the stresses and strains undergone by materials used in mechanical assemblies ensures that we carry out appropriate repairs and modifications.

Atkinson Systems expertise includes most types of drive systems, clutch packs, variable speed drives, gear/chain/belt drives, couplings,differing drive shaft configerations. 

We can also manufacture, modify and repair most mechanical systems. 

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